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To Reach China You Must Speak China

Social media presents an increasingly effective platform for business success in China, and Prestige Consulting has the knowledge and skills to use this to your advantage. The internet is an obvious and extremely accessible form of reaching potential customers. Not only does China hold the largest population of internet users, but almost all online users in China are active on a social media account. Studies have also shown that on average, a Chinese social media user follows eight brands and actively discusses retail goods within their social media communities.

Prestige Consulting is well experienced with Chinese social media sites and are more than able to help you and your business. Unlike the Western world, Chinese social media consists of sites such as Weibo and RenRen, rather than ones you would be more familiar with. Our consulting team can help you cross social media and language barriers to ensure your business success in China.

China Lives and Breathes in a Mobile World

The main issue that many companies face is the fact that well-known sites in the Western world, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are all banned in the country. Instead, the Chinese have developed a social media world of their own. The following are the most commonly used social media sites in relation to their Western counterparts:

Sina Weibo = Twitter
YouKu = YouTube
RenRen = Facebook

A Technology Savvy Culture

So, the first step for any business is to select the right social network. Our consulting team has extensive knowledge of the differing demographics for the variety of social networks and are more than able to help you make an informed choice. Choosing the right social networks is the first step towards successfully branding your business.
Understanding User Time is also a good advantage to have. Weibo and WeChat (known as WeiXin) in China are the top scoring social networks for User Time. Due to their easy layout and accessibility on mobile devices, these apps easily meet the users’ demands for communicating and sharing information. Our consulting team is readily able to help you navigate and commandeer these forms of social networking. This will allow your business to reach your customers immediately and effectively.

Our Services

  • Start up presence
  • Face building
  • Content management
  • Interaction management
  • Tailored Chinese focused content
  • Translation service
  • Response to enquiries, comments and relevant articles

Building Your Presence

Prestige Consulting will first aim to help you and your business with your start up presence and face building. In building your start up presence, our team can help your business create your account and have it legally verified in China. This form of legal branding will help your business to be seen as a trustworthy and reliable source of valuable content. This first step of starting up your social media presence in China may be fraught with difficulties. Knowing which platform you want, how you will build your presence on that platform, and keeping it economical, are all important goals to achieve.
Following this, our team can also help you to ‘build face’, which is essential to Chinese market success. To ensure appeal to the Chinese consumer, it is important to build a strong company ‘face’ that is both attractive and recognisable to your audience. Our consultants will help form a strategy plan to prepare for an ongoing ‘building of face’ for you business in order to continuously appeal to your customers.

Managing Your Content and Interaction

Our team will also aid you with management of content and interaction to ensure a growing influence on your audience. Prestige Consulting will form a Social Media Content Calendar to schedule your campaigns and ensure a continuous supply of information to your potential and existing customers. We can also tailor Chinese focused content for your niche audience. Another huge benefit from working with our team is that we offer a translation service of English content of your profile and posts into Chinese. Our team aims to help make your transition from the Western social media and its audience to the Chinese one, as smooth and hassle-free as possible.
Once your networks are up and running, we can manage your daily interaction with the Chinese audience by translating and responding to enquiry posts, emails, queries, comments, and relevant articles on other Weibo/WeChat posts to monitor competitors, industry trends and relevant news. These are all services that will help your business gain a growing influence within the Chinese social media community. This will also help you to find and engage potential followers, and therefore customers, and increase the quality of your business through regular and repeated informative posts.

What You Can Do

Now, what is left for you to do is to help provide us with the information necessary to create a customised marketing proposal. We can tailor a proposal based on your intended budget for your social media presence in China. This can be carried out through discussions with our team. We will provide you with the options and you can provide us with your choice as to what best fits your business requirements. Our consulting team can give you informed knowledge on social media platforms, frequency, content of posts, user interaction level and desired circle of influence, but the choice of which option most suits your business, is up to you. Our team aims to help you make the best decisions and guide you through a continuous strategy in place to ensure maximum success.

We Are Happy to Help

As social media is a leading contender in reaching potential customers, we recommend that you take this route for a guaranteed presence in the Chinese market.

Prestige Consulting is solely focused on helping you and your business achieve the results that you desire.

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