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Prestige Lawyers is an international investment and immigration specialist. We have been providing expert legal advice to Chinese-speaking communities in New Zealand since 2006. Our dedicated, ethnically diverse, equal opportunity and close-knit team of experienced, bilingual lawyers is always keen to help you with any legal requirement.

Prestige Lawyers offers you a wealth of knowledge and experience. We can bridge the East-West cultural divide and guide you through any legal process. Whether you are immigrating to New Zealand or setting up a business in China – we are the specialists.


Number Wise is a leading IT & Cloud savvy Chartered Accounting firm specializing in Xero accounting software and other cloud-based solutions for SME businesses.

Combining deep understanding of the Chinese culture with technical skills and language capabilities, our team has assisted many Chinese businesses to successfully invest and grow in the NZ market.

We recognize that cultural differences are one of the largest business challenges for Chinese companies investing in NZ, and the reverse is also true. Our team of bilingual and culturally fluent professionals are experienced and intently focused to help you bridge the cultural divide at every stage of your business.


The Luxury Network is the world’s leading luxury affinity marketing, partnerships and events group; a private consortium of premium brands in each luxury capital of the world working together at senior director levels for mutual business and client development.


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