Go to China

We offer you the opportunity to spend time in Shanghai and Beijing with exclusive opportunities to develop a global understanding of China.

Build a greater awareness and understanding of the issues, challenges and opportunities facing global businesses working within a Chinese cultural and business setting.

Experience firsthand the Chinese business environment in a legal, political, economic and financial context.

Explore the attributes, traits and qualities required of businesses operating within a Chinese business environment in different industries.

Establish in-country business networks and practice networking in a Chinese environment.

Who Will Benefit?

Anyone and any business wanting to gain practical and firsthand knowledge of China in an international business environment.

Those wanting to develop a global business mindset to operate and connect with markets in China and other Asian countries.

You will learn from real life in-country experiences and be able to apply practical skills in cross-cultural environments.

The experience will provide you with lifelong networks that become your stepping stone into China.

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